The Next Phase: Discovery Retirement Path Coaching

If you are looking for fulfillment in leisure, volunteerism or continued employment, we can help you make your retirement transition. When you work with us, you will come away with clarity, peace of mind and a sense of excitement about what lies ahead. We offer The Next Phase: Discovery Retirement Path Coaching services through a combination of individual coaching sessions, assessments and guided self-discovery.


Our coaches are certified to administer and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ (FIRO®). Both are dynamic tools for self-evaluation. These assessments can be part of the coaching process or stand-alone instruments to give you a clearer understanding of how you are “wired”. Deborah is also a certified in career and retirement coaching through Career Partners International.

Retirement Coaching

Retirement coaching has been increasing in popularity ever since the first wave of baby boomers started to retire. People are not retiring in the same way as previous generations. Today’s retirees have many options, which sometimes lead to an uncertainty and anxiety about what the future holds.

What are the alternative? Retirees will want to use this time to engage in activities that were not feasible during the day-to-day responsibilities of a full-time career and raising a family. Oftentimes, this includes a desire to give back, to make a difference in the world. Some retirees choose to extend their careers because they enjoy working, but prefer a flexible or part-time schedule. Others work to have an extra financial cushion.

For some, retirement can be seen as a huge blank page — a time to relax and enjoy life. Still others, find that the lack of clear and identifiable goals, or a meaningful routine, leaves them feeling empty and unfulfilled.

As a career and retirement coach, we help our clients look at what is important to them, from both the psychological type perspective and through core values evaluation. Our coaches work with each client to look at strengths and any fears or potential obstacles standing in the way, providing the support needed to move forward. Whether the result is continued full-time work in a different field, part-time work, or meaningful volunteer work, now is the time to do what truly brings fulfillment.

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